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Nov 25 10 9:31 PM

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EVENTS NEW YORK - the event announcement and meetup message forum for Sleep New Yorkers.

This new sub forum "EVENTS NEW YORK" is for the purpose of members and admin to announce events, music events, meetups in Manhattan and around New York City, cultural excursions, dinners, coffee excursions, and photography, film and videomaking events around Manhattan organized by the administrators and members of the forum.

If you have an event in Manhattan or New York City and wish to announce it to the members and the world - join the forum and do it here.

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Nov 27 10 7:18 AM

Great! So, when is the next meetup?


That is up to others here above my pay grade. Ask The Narrator or Westender, they should know. I guess they will start posting the events here. If you have one, you are welcome to organize and post it.

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