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Aug 21 09 10:26 AM

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We are constantly building our stable of responsible apartment owners in Manhattan to provide accommodation to holiday goers in Manhattan.

If you are visiting Manhattan and are seeking accommodation for 4 weeks or more, be sure to join SleepNY and PM me for the details and we will get you in touch with with responsible, clean and no nonsense/no tricks apartment owners in these locations:

Uptown East
Uptown West
Midtown East
Greenwich Village
Park Slope

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Jan 13 11 6:20 AM

Short Term Rental Ban set to start in May 2011


A law banning short term rentals in New York City was signed recently by Gov. David A. Paterson. The law forbids rentals for periods of fewer than 30 days within apartment buildings that have five or more units.
Critics have decried the legislation as being tourist-unfriendly, but one of its sponsors, State Senator Liz Krueger, said in an interview that it is aimed at groups of short-term rentals within residential buildings that are actually unsafe for tourists. Not only do they not have adequate staff to handle security, she said, they also often skirt fire codes.
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg welcomed news of the law’s passage, saying in a statement that by defining more clearly what a hotel is, the law will help the city “take enforcement action against illegal hotels.” The ban will take effect in May 2011.

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Jan 13 11 6:29 AM

It looks like its for apartments rented under/for 30 days, and for apartments where the owner doesn't stay in residence. That said, isn't Frommer a travel writer, not an attorney?


But for what it's worth, it should be pointed out that the legislation does not (as I read it) prevent an apartment owner from renting a spare room in their apartments to transient visitors, as long as the apartment owner remains in residence. That's like taking in a "boarder," a "lodger."

The Sleep New York-er from MePa!

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