Apr 18 13 2:11 AM

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Friends, Abenomics is doing its good thing for the good of Tokyo Town (and Japan too of course) and they are going to have the world famous Tokyo Metro run 24 hours. That'll show New York City who's boss!!!

Well friends, I will podcast on this because it is a big event. These days if you miss the train to your gaijin house hovel at the ass end of Saitama you have to either spend a day's salary (or a week's if you are an ESL teacher) getting there in a colorful taxi with a polite driver, or stay in a love hotel, capsule hotel or if you have the money you could take the Hermes chopper from the top of Roppongi Ark Hills to home like they did in that movie Inception with that feller from Titanic and that gal actress who looks like a child even though she aint.



Well friends, the salarymen can now go home drunk after their big HJs at 2 am instead of the last train at 12 am. And that makes Tokyo Joe happy. I usually ride my bicycle if my joints are up to it around but sometimes I can be caught on the other side of Tokyo Town to Akasaka after 12 am and take a taxi which does involve a great deal of expense friends. So for those of you here in Tokyo Town teaching the English and making your two specks of dirt each hour for your fine and noble efforts, y'all might describe this as 'sweet'.

And for the rest of us, this will be a welcome move, because we will no longer have to hear from another Limey from London that somehow London is a World City when unlike NYC and Tokyo Town, it won't have a 24 hour metro system.

Take care friends, I will podcast on this at the channel so stay tuned and tell your friends and relatives to subscribe and tune in.

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